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Seeyo Brough Sichuan Red Pub a Wonderful Christmas


December 2015, Sichuan Red Pub, officially opened for business. As another new form of entertainment -----light bar, showed in front of customers, unrestrained atmosphere, light music-based, relatively quiet, not the kind of hot disco or dance bar, where comfortably furnished, elegant, lighting effects, soft, blurred. SEEYO stage lighting brought the audience a visual enjoyment once again.

Noisy during the day, quiet at night comes down. Friends come to Red Pub together, quality wine, chat fun; ears heard the singer full of magnetic sound. Par overhead rendered with soft, beam lights bring intoxicated blurred, spider lights and eight eyes beam lights bring dynamic, laser light cool detonated the hearts of passion. Lighting is so magical presence. SEEYO showed beautiful lighting with good visual feeling!